Crystal Resin


Transparent 2-component epoxy resin

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Fast maturation
Clear with very high transparency
Extremely thin for easy penetration and less foaming
Excellent adhesion and welding
Excellent mechanical strength
Good resistance to sunlight
Excellent resistance to moisture
Excellent temperature resistance
Excellent resistance to most chemicals
Painted with special transparent pigments SWAN COLOURMIX EPOXY


Thousands of artistic applications can be made from any idea and material. Tables, bowls, serving trays, stools, 3D tables with natural exhibits. Examples include objects that can be used with liquid glass: dried or pressed leaves and flowers, shells, insects, pebbles, zeolites, nuts, dry food (nuts, legumes, pasta) souvenirs, trinkets, jewelry, photographs, coins, decorations wood and much more.
Transparent floor coverings with decorative elements such as pebbles, coins, and many other items.
It is ideal for the protection and decoration of surfaces made of wood, metal, stone, ceramics, porcelain, cardboard, etc.
Use your imagination, the internet and YouTube for ideas and ways to apply

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