Easy Tack


EASY TACK is an adhesive mastic that offers the ideal alternative to pins and adhesive tapes. It is safe, clean, does not dry, is reusable and offers multiple applications and solutions at home, in the office, at school, etc. After use, it is easily removed without leaving stains and is reused.
It does not stain
Many applications
EASY TACK attaches posters, cards, drawings, party decorations, maps, messages, etc.
EASY TACK holds telephones, keyboards, calculators, office decorations, album art, screwdriver screws, modeling accessories during construction or painting, etc. in place.
EASY TACK fixes flower and candle arrangements in room and table decorations.
EASY TACK removes lint from keyboards, phones, and fabrics.
EASY TACK is molded and used to create three-dimensional models – constructions.
EASY TACK is recommended to be used on non-porous surfaces such as glass, metal, vinyl, painted surfaces, etc.
instructions for use
Make sure the surfaces to be glued are clean and dry.
Cut the required amount of EASY TACK and shape with your fingers into a ball.
Place it between the surfaces you want to fasten and press hard.
EASY TACK can be used many times again.

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