Payment methods

You can pay for your order in the following ways:
• Cash on delivery when the products are sent to you.
• By deposit in a bank account.
• By credit or debit card.
• Using PayPal.
• Please, when completing your order in our online store, choose the payment method from the respective menu, so that you can see the corresponding charge.

Bank accounts for domestic customers
ALPHA GR8501403400340002101065061
EUROBANK GR4602603920000210200334601

Beneficiary Grammatopoulou G. Konstantina

Please use the name under which your order was placed in the deposit statement to quickly identify your deposit.

Important: Collection via bank should correspond to the exact amount of your order. Payment costs are borne entirely by you.

If a deadline of 15 days elapses without the bank deposit, the order will be automatically canceled.